Triathlon Swimming Coaching


The swim is the first of three gruelling sections that make up a triathlon, whether you are completing a sprint triathlon, an Olympic distance or entering the Ironman events. To succeed you will require stamina, endurance and fitness.

The swimming section can take place in a pool, a lake, a river or in the sea. If currents and waves are involved then you will really benefit from a powerful stroke that makes every pull, body rotation and breathing cycle count. For many triathletes, the swim is often the weakest part of their triathlon performance. If you are not swimming efficiently, you may find that you have to use more energy than you would like in order to deliver the time you want or even worse you may be left feeling exhausted. This might then impact your cycling and running legs and increases the risk of cramp towards the end of the triathlon event.

Thankfully, our triathlon swimming coaching course is a great way to improve all aspects of your swim, from your front crawl technique to sighting and open water tactics. You will also benefit from tips to make the most of your open water starts. After a full stroke analysis, we will put together an individual 5 session training programme to better prepare you for a triathlon swim and to improve your performance in a triathlon or open water swimming event.

Each session lasts one hour and will focus on key aspects to improve your stroke, including breathing, arm cycles, leg kicks, rotation and coordination.

With our instruction, you could be competing in the annual Dublin City Liffey Swim or training for your first Ironman 70.3 Dublin before you know it!

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