Swimming Fitness


Turner Swim Dublin’s swimming fitness programme can either be a leisurely refresher course to get you back into swimming or intense fitness sessions. Both Andrew and Rachel love swimming and water polo so with years of swimming, ball-based exercises and workouts under their belts as international competitors, they can tailor-make a swimming programme that both inspires and helps you to become your fittest. Our instructors know when to push you and when to support you. Many of our regular clients are on our swimming fitness programme and we really enjoy our weekly sessions with them.

With your body supported by the water, swimming has far less impact on the body and its joints. Water creates resistance against the body as you swim and this helps to build and tone muscle groups. Many people turn to swimming fitness sessions after an injury, ill health or on the advice of their doctor. As part of the swimming fitness programme, we can improve your technique to protect and enhance your body, to make sure you aren’t creating further injuries or bad habits, as well as easing you back into fitness.

However, as great as swimming can be, it can also be monotonous if you are just swimming continuously and then it may not be your initial choice as a form of fitness. With our training sessions, we will do our very best to create inspiring sessions and make them an effective cardiovascular and muscle workout. From swimming in t-shirts to pyramid set swims, egg-beater sprints, hypoxic training bursts to longer distances challenges, we’ll make each swimming fitness session unique to you.

For one-to-one swimming fitness sessions that really work, book 5 x one hour lessons to start with at Turner Swim Dublin and you’ll be sure to see results that you’re proud of.

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