Bespoke Courses

All of our lessons are provided on a one-to-one basis so that we can tailor-make each course to meet your needs and goals. Alice and Andrew have years of experience working with clients of all swimming abilities, including adults recovering from injuries and those completely new to swimming as well as seasoned triathletes. Book online, meet your instructor poolside and we can get started with working towards your goals.
  • Water Confidence (Aquaphobia)

    Designed over 2 x one hour lessons for clients who have previously had a bad experience in water. These sessions will enable you to become more relaxed in the pool and will develop your aquatic breathing, floating, horizontal movements, and other techniques to help you become safer in water.
  • Learning to Swim

    This is our most popular programme with hundreds of adults having learnt to swim through our 10 x one hour course to date. The sessions also include numerous aquatic skills, such as floating, sculling and aquatic submersion. If you are new to swimming or have tried before but not succeeded then this is the course for you....
  • Stroke Improver

    Our 5 x one hour stroke improver course begins with a full stroke analysis before we work with you to enhance your breathing, arm cycles, leg kicks, body rotations and co-ordination. A progressive programme for those wanting to increase the distance or speed of their swims.
  • Triathlon Swimming Coaching

    After a full stroke analysis, we will put together a bespoke 5 x one hour course to help you prepare for your triathlon or open water swim. Along with developing a more efficient stroke, we will also provide modules on starts, sighting and turns as well as racing tips and additional swim sets.
  • Swimming Fitness

    Perhaps you enjoy swimming regularly but complete the same multiple-length swim each session. By following our bespoke swimming fitness recommendations we will help to perfect your stroke whilst also developing a fitness programme which ensures you get the most out of your training sessions in the pool.
  • Triathlon Winter Swimming Training

    As the open water swimming and triathlon seasons end, the sun sets earlier, the colder evenings kick in and the appeal of training for hours for hours outside begins to ease away, then training can become challenging. However, the off-season is the perfect time to put in some intense hours and improve the area that most triathletes find to be their weakest: their swimming.