Triathlon Winter Swimming Training

Improving your swimming for triathlons

As the open water swimming and triathlon seasons end, the sun sets earlier, the colder evenings kick in. The appeal of training for hours outside begins to ease away and training can become challenging. However, the off-season is the perfect time to put in some intense hours and improve the area that most triathletes find to be their weakest: their swimming.

We have designed our 10 x one hour open water swimming and triathlon winter training course for experienced amateur athletes. For those who spend on average 6 or more hours per week training. This could be on the road, in the velodrome, pool or gym. This programme is our most intense technically, physically and mentally. (If you train for less than 6 hours per week then please take our Triathlon Swimming Coaching Programme first).

Initial Tiger Test

Your first session with us will start with our Tiger Test – different distance swims done against the clock, with your technique, endurance and recovery performances put under intense scrutiny. Video analysis will also be used and we’ll conclude by letting you know your strengths, weaknesses and our coaching plan for improving these with you.

Technical Attention To Detail and Training Sets

For the cycling and running disciplines, pure mileage (combined with the right, well-fitting bike) is required to see directly improving results. In swimming, triathletes are renowned for thrashing around, burning up excessive energy, and swimming at an inconsistent pace. So we are going to give your body the same respect as a formula one car. We will spend time with you to really get small improvements to your stroke ingrained into each length you swim. Perhaps you have naturally strong legs and your kick gives greater propulsion than most swimmers. Or maybe your left hand catch is weak, we’ll identify, improve it and get the right weighting of energy into your stroke. Rest assured we can also review your head position and breathing. We will look at your arm entry, reach, catch, in-sweeps and out-sweeps, arm push and recovery. All aspects of your stroke will receive the full most attention.

Location and Coaching Team

All of our triathlon winter training coaching sessions take place within the 23 metre infinity swimming pool at the five star Marker Hotel, Dublin Docklands. Previous clients have used our winter training programme to gear up for the Olympic distance triathlons and ironman events.

At the end of each coached session, we’ll leave you with a one hour bespoke swim set to do twice before the next weekly session.¬† That way you can put in 5000-7000 metres during each week of the course.

Book online and we look forward to starting your winter triathlon swimming training.

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