Stroke Improver


Our stroke improver course is for those who can already swim at least 50 meters front crawl. The course is designed to improve both your swimming technique but also the control you have with your speed.

Perhaps you feel exhausted after swimming a few lengths of the pool. Or maybe you are a good swimmer but want to be better at your chosen stroke? The Stroke Improver course is perfect for anyone looking to swim more effectively with a more flattering style for longer distances or at a more consistent or challenging pace.

Swimming is a great form of exercise; supported by the water, it is far better for your joints than many other sports out there. This is why, with the right stroke and breathing techniques, you will be able to push your limits safely – and gain some great results. Whether your preferred stroke is breaststroke, front crawl, backstroke or butterfly, we can help to improve your stroke.


To swim with more style, you need to swim more efficiently; every stroke needs to count and every breath needs to be maximised. However, if your arms and breathing is not coordinated then it can feel like maximum effort for very little gain.

Tutored over 5 sessions by one of our proficient and experienced swim coaches, you will work on enhancing your breathing, arm cycles, leg kicks, body rotations and coordination. Each session lasts one hour. At the start of the first session we will carry out a full stroke analysis. We will check your head position, breathing techniques, arm push and leg kick. The aim is to help you enjoy your time swimming by explaining the physiology behind the strokes to make you more efficient in the water.

All our courses are taught on a one-to-one basis which means you have the undivided attention of an experienced and skilled swimming tutor and the course can be designed to your specific needs and ability. So why not book a course and learn the techniques that will vastly improve your swimming.

All bookings are made online through our bookings portal, view availability and book online here.

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