Head up breaststroke into Front Crawl


If you are looking for swimming lessons in Dublin as an adult who can swim a head up breaststroke and you would like to learn to swim a true face in the water, aquatic breathing front crawl, then this is the 5 x one hour course for you.

Our fully trained and highly experienced instructors are keen to teach you front crawl techniques that not only improve your confidence in the water, but also further develops your fitness, and gives you a more stylish and enjoyable swim.

By learning to swim front crawl, you will be able to give your body and mind a more complete workout, strengthening your core and reducing the pressure on your neck and back when you swim. Most medical professionals strongly recommend that when adults swim they do so with a front crawl or backstroke technique as opposed to a head up breaststroke.

Head up breaststroke into front crawl course content

Our head up breaststroke into front crawl course is based on five modules. We progress from module to module when the time is right for you. This course is for those who can swim at least 25 meters of any front stroke without holding your breath.

The course focuses on being comfortable and relaxed with your face in the water. We will teach you aquatic breathing with accurate timing and how to maintain the correct head position. We will encourage the arm pull to be firm but steady-paced and leg kick to be fast but light. You might have previously tried to swim front crawl but have been out of breath quickly. Or for many adults, they don’t enjoy putting their face in the water. With our proven track record, we’ll help you to overcome these worries.

Learning to swim front crawl will be of huge benefit to you as a physical workout. After a course with Turner Swim, we are confident that you will enjoy the results you see.

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