Learning to Swim

Learning To Swim As An
Adult In Dublin

Swimming is a skill but it is not one that every adult has mastered. Whether this is because you were simply not taught, or you weren’t able to take one-to-one lessons from an experienced instructor, learning to swim is a great way to improve your fitness, as well as staying safe and enjoying your holiday time around water.

Nowadays, many children take swimming lessons in school but this was not the case when many adults were in the education system. There are many people of all different ages that would love to swim but feel that they have left it too late to learn to swim, or perhaps that it would take too long. As adults, we are often also more fearful of new experiences.

What you need is an experienced swim tutor, who has the patience and empathy to help you learn to swim. With Turner Swim, this is exactly what you get.


Our 10 x 1-hour sessions in the Learn to Swim course for adults begin with aquatic breathing and moving with aids independently around the pool using correct techniques. Once this is mastered, we combine the two and reduce the aids to enable you to swim. We are fully experienced in working with all levels of beginner. Our patient instructors will not only show you how to swim on your own on your front and back, they’ll also teach floating, treading water and aquatic submersion techniques too!

Still not sure whether you will be able to learn? Try it and find out! Here at Turner Swim we know that with our learn to swim course you will have fun mastering the skills needed to swim and build your confidence in the water to such an extent that you will see how much fun swimming really is!

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