Water Confidence (Aquaphobia)

Aquaphobia swim classes for adults in Dublin.

Aquaphobia is often a fear of feeling out of control in water. There are also different levels of fear. For instance, some people do not enjoy being close to open bodies of water, such as a pond, lake or the sea. For other people, it is a fear that is far more deeply-rooted and may mean they cannot immerse themselves in water, whether this is in a swimming pool or a bath.

Aquaphobia, the fear of water, can affect the daily lives of many people. Even though you realise the water in the bath, shower, swimming pool or the sea does not pose an immediate threat, it still leaves you feeling fearful and out of control. Turner Swim has created a Water Confidence course, which is perfect for people with a fear of water or who lack confidence either in or by water.


In 2 x 1-hour sessions, we look at helping you gain confidence in and around water, as well as dealing with any specific anxieties that you may have. We will teach you how to take control in water by being able to stand up from a horizontal position in water, then we will move on to travelling horizontally and focus on aquatic breathing too.

Previous clients have completed our adults water confidence course after near drownings or bad experiences as a child, including being thrown into the sea, falling within swimming pools or being unable to stand up after a large wave at the seaside. With qualified, patient and experienced instructors to guide you, your fear of water could soon be a thing of the past.

Email or call Andrew today on (01) 695 0016 to begin the process of getting over your fear of water, we understand that getting in touch can be one of the hardest steps to take.

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